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4x Industrial Antique Style Solid Brass Box Chest Corner Bracket, Brace pcs. #X3

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●Price is per set of 4
●Great antique style solid brass corner bracket, brace pieces for your trunk, box or any other project where a corner bracket is needed.
●They are heavy and solid brass pieces.
●Each arm is approx. 1-7/8" long x 5/8" wide
●The screw holes on center are approx. 3/8" in from the ends.
●Complimentary color matched wood screws, good for most general applications are provided. NOTE: Please pre-drill pilot holes.

Please note these are handmade items ( not a factory made item) so will naturally have intrinsic uniqueness to each piece.

Please message me if you have any questions

Photos show how brackets were used on a customers horse tack box they made using hardware from our store.