About us

My wife and I ran a busy antique store for 20 years out of an old church that we purchased.
We found great pleasure in bringing history back to life and finding it a good home. But after 20 years we decided we were ready to try something new!

So now we would like to bring to you our knowledge of the trusted quality hardware we sourced over the years, and now also produce.
Our quality hardware is solid brass and hand cast....not plated.

Brass has a long history of use throughout homes and on furniture due to its durability and beauty.  Brass is produced by making an alloy of zinc and copper.  It has natural anti-microbial properties and resistance to corrosion which makes it a great choice for kitchens and baths.  In the hardware industry, brass is also prized for its ability to take on almost any form, last forever, and ages naturally and beautifully with time
Exceptional craftsmanship, hand picked for rarity, quality and beauty.
Give your furniture, cabinets, renovations or newly created heirlooms instant period appeal with distinguished, elegant solid brass hardware.

Perfect for cabinetry, renovations, restoration, replacing existing hardware or up-cycling furniture.
Stick with us as we bring more items for you to browse!

We also have a very popular etsy store with a 4.9 rating.Please visit our etsy store.


Thanks for your interest, Josh and Tausha